David Duchovny wants to act in Bollywood

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David Duchovny, says he would love to work in Bollywood but has yet to receive an offer. “No calls yet buddy!” he exclaims. “Acting though has no boundaries. If I am offered an interesting character, why not? Though, I’ll insist on the concept and story being good. If my gut feeling tells me to go ahead, I’ll go ahead.”

David declares himself to be particularly fond of Bollywood actresses. “They are stunning,” he declares. “They’re beautiful, smart, talented and very graceful. They are drop dead gorgeous. My friends who have been to India tell me it’s not just the filmstars who are so beautiful, but even the other ladies. They add to the overall charm of India.”

David is best known of course for his role as Agent Mulder in the groundbreaking The X-Files TV-series and movies. He is a graduate of both Princeton and Yale Universities. He has won Golden Globe awards for his roles in The X-Files and Californication. He is married to the actress Tea Leoni.

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