Deepika Goes Ultra Diplomatic

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She is ultra boring in interviews and even if Deepika Padukone wanted to, it would be surgically impossible to rid her of the diplomatic gene that she possesses. On a show with the fearless Koel Purie, the actress was quizzed on her alleged affair with Farhan Akhtar. Rumors were afloat that the duo had come considerably close while shooting for Karthik Calling Karthik. However, the minute she was asked some bold questions, she immediately went on the defense, put her guard up and shot out the most tactful answers.

Getting straight to the point, she was asked, “Are you seeing Farhan, is that why you broke up with Ranbir?” To which Deepika answered, “Even my parents haven’t asked me something like this.” A suave Koel reminded her that her parents obviously have more “sense” than the general public. Padukone simply said, “Precisely why I’ll not answer this.” She went on to deny that there was undeniably some chemistry between Farhan and her which was required for the romantic thriller. However, she denied any overly intimate scenes that apparently upset Farhan’s wife and were edited from the film.

A movie-goer also asked during the show if she was still dating Ranbir Kapoor and of course, out came yet another boring answer, “Hmm… that’s very personal. I am not answering that.” As for her RK tattoo, “It was not a spur-of-the moment decision to get the tattoo. It was fully thought out and I knew and know what I am doing…”

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