Deepika Padukone hosts success bash to celebrate a golden year at the box office

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13dec_DeepikaSuccessBash00With four back-to-back hits, all of them critically acclaimed solid performances; Deepika Padukone is the only actor in recent times to boast of maximum blockbusters in a calendar year. With a zooming career graph, she is indisputably being acknowledged as getting better every time she blazes the big screen.

Over the weekend gone by, Bollywood’s newly crowned golden girl (and dressed to the part) Deepika Padukone threw a success bash to revel in the outstanding year she has had at the movies. Four hugely acclaimed films were reason enough for Deepika to celebrate at a suburban Mumbai hotel, which in her words was less for her and more for the people within the industry who made such a great year possible for her. “This is just my way of saying Thank you. Very rarely do we actually stop to look back at the work that we’ve done and enjoy it. We are always on the run, sometimes it’s just nice to stop and thank the people who are actually responsible for making you the person you are.”

With a black and gold theme to match and a smile that sparkled, Deepika played an exuberant host to the biggest names in Bollywood with the festivities reportedly went on till 7am the next morning.

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