Deepika’s Defender

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With the release just around the corner, the Dum Maaro Dum unit is riding the butterflies in the stomach ride while promotions of the film continues. But even now, the already hyped up film is getting more attention of the unintended kind with stories that Abhishek Bachchan’s rap song ‘Thayn Thayn’ was released because AB Jr was feeling a tad insecure of Deepika Padukone’s super sexy item number ‘Mit Jaaye Gham’ in DMD. A rumour that the Bluffmaster squashes and says is far from the truth.

“We have 1.20 billion people in India and all can’t like the song. But the fact is it’s topping all radio charts and playing everywhere including night clubs, which means the youth have connected and loved the track. It’s doing extremely well and I am very happy with the response that Deepika’s number has got,” says Abhishek when speaking to Times of India, who personally loves ‘Mit Jaye Gham’. What’s more is director Rohan Sippy had always planned a song for the Game actor but after the stupendous hit of Blufmaster that swept the box office and hearts of all in one shot, Rohan decided to keep true to the character of ACP Kamath. “..unlike in Bluffmaster where the character had a lot of flair and flamboyance, the character of ACP Kamath was not an easy one to crack. So, we kept it on backburner” says Sippy.

Dum Maaro Dum hits theaters on April 22nd!

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