Delhi Belly to star Aamir and Imran?

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Much to the delight of many fans, there are rumors flying that Delhi Belly may have two stars appearing together for the first time. We may soon see Mamu and nephew aka Aamir and Imran Khan together on the silver screen. Delhi Belly is an Aamir Khan Production and will be directed by Abhinay Deo.

Originally everyone was excited because Ranbir Kapoor was supposed to star opposite Aamir in the film. However because of dates Ranbir had to back out of the project. So Aamir thoughts turned to his nephew, especially after how well Jaane Tu is being accepted by audiences, in fact not just accepted they have a bona fide hit!

A source close to the project said, “After Ranbir backed out, Aamir was really looking forward to cast someone fast for the role because the shooting is about to start by August. However, that someone had to have a market name and he had to have a fresh face. So with Jaane Tu… doing well, Aamir has now cast Imran for the role.”

Adding, “It is a huge development as far as the film is concerned. Aamir and Imran sharing screen space will be a very interesting proposition. It will be a treat for the people to see the mama-bhanja jodi. Let’s see who the audiences root for more.”

However we must take this all as a rumor because as of now there has been no formal announcement. We will keep you up to date and as soon as we hear we will be sure to report it to you.

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