‘Democracy is a bizarre system’: Raja Sen

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15nov_rajasenRaja Sen, who is among the 11 filmmakers helming the experimental Indie film X: Past is Present, reveals that working on his maiden directorial venture has been an educative and interesting journey but also crazy. “Among the many things I have learned is that democracy is a bizarre system,” he says referring to the several sessions he’s had with the other 10 directors for the film. Admitting that it’s not exactly the kind of debut most directors dream of, Sen however points out that getting to work with noted names including the noted award-winning cinematographer Ravi K Chandran and the acclaimed editor A Sreekar Prasad made it the best debut for a director. “The entire process has been complex considering we’ve had to understand and adjust each other’s styles on one film. But that was the idea to have a concept many would consider bizarre and turn it into reality,” he adds.

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