Dia’s first impression is from the Production Houses

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In an industry that is flooded with models turned actors, it is only natural that the former Miss India goes unnoticed. However within the upcoming few years, Dia wishes to make some interesting career choices that perhaps will make her presence in the industry more noticeable.

Dia was recently seen in the political movie, Shootout at Lokhandwala, as a reporter, and she currently has a few very interesting projects lined up. Krazy 4, Alibaug and Dus Kahanayaan are three names that she openly mentioned to sources of Hindustan Times.

But its not these movies that keeps the gorgeous model-turned-actress in the news lately: her project with national award winner Manmohan Mahapatra and the critically acclaimed Rahul Bose has everybody talking. Dia will be seen in this project titled “Bits and Pieces” soon.

The cast and crew, including Dia, are keeping a low profile when it comes to discussing this project. However, one interesting fact which Dia disclosed is that the movie is shot in a mental asylum and she’s very much thrilled about it.

After quite a decent amount of time of struggling to receive attention, Dia has finally decided to try a few new strategies that she has put into action over the last couple of years. Dia proudly boasts that a great film and banner matter much more than a lengthy role. In short, she’d rather do a five minute role in a blockbuster than star as the leading lady in a stupid film. Not only that, but Dia also proudly brags that she is making the decision to now venture into art house styled cinema.

Above all, it’s the banner that matters the most and what Dia considers first when deciding on a project. The first impression of the movie comes from the banner, and then Dia goes further into looking at the story to decide whether she’ll say yes or no.

The coming few years will tell if Dia’s new strategy was worth the implementation.

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