Divya Dutta Bowled Over by T-10

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Bollywood actress and some say Rani-lookalike Divya Dutta is rooting for her own team, the Lundhiana Gulies in the new T-10 Gully cricket league and is a big fan of the new format. “Once en route to a shooting in the Punjab, I saw some boys playing cricket in a village,” she says. They did not have even proper bats. While the other popular formats like IPL are more urban-oriented, T-10 Gully cricket accords an opportunity to this unexplored talent.” The second season of this popular new format begins next month on Doordashan.

American director Fred Holmes, meanwhile, has been heaping praise on Divya recently, claiming she’s one of the finest actresses he’s ever worked with. They’ve just finished making Heartland together which also features Amelia Jackson-Gray, Antonia DeNardo and Mehr Hassan. “It’s a dream to work with Fred Holmes and we had such a great time working together.” Divya confirms,”We would love to work together again but we are in no hurry, just waiting for the right script to come along.”

Divya choreographed an entire dance sequence for the international film, responding to Fred’s request.”When the director came and asked me whether I would be interested in choreographing the sequence, I was more than thrilled to do it!” she exclaimed.

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