Drama at Bigg Boss’ house

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With less than a week left for the finalists to live and enjoy at the Bigg Boss’ house, drama has struck once again. The remaining boys of the house decided to break rules of the house because they believed they were not being given enough food to survive on. So what did they do? The band of boys jumped the wall of the house. The group was stopped by security before they were told to walk back into the house. Of course they felt remorse and realized at that instance that they had committed a grave crime.

They had to be punished but how? Bigg Boss demanded that all of the finalists would have to apologize for their crime. So in they all went, shame written on their face — Zulfi, Ashutosh, Raja and Rahul. However, Mr. Mahajan realized that he didn’t feel guilty or shame in the matter. Why should he? He didn’t do anything wrong, or so he claimed. What happened next shocked the viewers and the housemates even more. Rahul Mahajan was asked to pack his bags and evict the house. Tears fell from his friends eyes and out the door he walked.

Publicity stunt? Possibly but all we know is the final 3 remain and the big house is getting lonelier by the minute. Will the days seem longer than they really are and cause the boys to break? Watch this space for more!

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