Dutch Proposal for Rauchna Maurya

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Hot item girl and Bollywood starlet Rauchna Maurya had a big surprise whilst in Amsterdam yesterday – a 20-year-old Dutch youth entered a radio station which she was visiting, walked up to her and proposed! Apparently, he’s pretty rich too – his family owning a mansion, a fashion label, a fleet of cars and so on.

Rauchna, who was on air at the time promoting her new album with Sukhbir, which has become a dance-floor hit in western Europe, was flabbergasted – discombobulated even. The youth refused to leave until she’d promised to have a date with him the following evening. “Though, I knew I was leaving by the first flight in the morning, I had no option but to fib and get the kid out of the studio or else he would have been arrested had the studio security to call the police,” she explained. Poor guy!

Rauchna is currently involved in Adnan Sami’s world tour and has played in Glasgow, London and Nottingham. Rauchna is a very confident young woman and has no qualms about being described as an item girl. “Let’s face it. That’s how this industry works, so why this hullabaloo about it? Item numbers have given me the foothold in this industry so why should I be apologetic about them?” she asks.

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