Eesha Koppikhar Gets it Right

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Things are going well in life for the newly-married Eesha Koppikhar. She is basking in praise for her acting and her hot scenes in Right Yaaa Wrong where she plays an adulterous wife. “It was a very nervous feeling to make love to Eesha in the film,” says co-star Aarav Chowdhary, “The seductiveness of Eesha is quite palpable in the bath tub scene. Moreover, the fact that I was a relative newcomer in front of Eesha made it all the more difficult for me to enact the scene. Finally, after many rehearsals and some good encouragement from Eesha, we have performed some of the best love scenes ever performed on the big screen.”

Eesha is happy with the way her career has developed in Bollywood and has enjoyed the experience. “It’s been a great experience,” she confirms, “Though my journey has been slow, I know I am moving ahead with each passing moment. There are writers who are now penning roles keeping me in mind, and I clearly see that as an achievement.”

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