Eklavya is going to Oscars, says FFI

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Well, it seems as if the merry-go-round of which film will be going to the Oscars this year has finally come to a stop..maybe. The Film Federation has made a final decision that Eklavya is indeed India’s choice and has sent the information to the Academy of Motion Pictures.

According to sources, “We have sent a letter to the Academy stating we are sticking to Eklavya as our choice for the Oscars. The decision was taken a couple of days ago. The jury felt that there was nothing wrong in the process of selection and all procedures have been followed.”

Adding, “The predominant feeling in the jury was that to change the nomination or even withdraw it would amount to admitting that the procedure was indeed flawed. Since all democratic processes were followed, there was no sense creating more confusion.”

The source did admit that they realize they need to re-examine the process in which a film is chosen, “But this year, the jury felt that Eklavya was the best choice.”

The maybe is that the Bombay High Court has yet to rule on the case brought about by Bhavna Talwar. Earlier it was reported that they had found irregularities and they could order the film to be taken out of consideration. The Bombay Court resumes hearing the case on Thursday, which is one day after the deadline give to the FFI to send their final choice to the Oscars.

As for now though, we can report once again that Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Eklavya is going to the Oscars for India!

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