Elesh thought Indians were Backwards – Rakhi Sawant

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Love her or hate her but you cannot ignore her! Rakhi Sawant is one such controversial diva who suddenly climbed out of the tiny item number portions to becoming one of the most sought of public personalities of the nation. Every television show wants her, every magazine cannot wait to interview her and even the big banners like Yash Raj Films need her! The actress has it all but sadly in her personal life she’s going through quite a heart break as her short lived relationship with Elesh (whom she met on Rakhi Ka Swayamwar) comes to an ugly end.

The actress was surprisingly very silent about the breakup, but now that she’s spoken up there’s no stopping her! “He clearly told me during Pati Patni Aur Woh that he had entered Rakhi Ka Swayamvar with an express intention of getting some free publicity. He thought that his lack of Hindi would surely result in his quick elimination from the latter NDTV Imagine show. His real aim was to find a foothold in the film industry and for that he wanted to use me as a ladder. Hence when I chose him, he was not happy. Elesh only agreed to the marriage because he thought he could fob of me. The shameless guy even wanted to move in with me. He also did not care whether I wore a bikini or smooched on screen as long as I brought home the moolah. What finally broke the camel’s back was his demand that our future children would not have Indian citizenship, as he regarded us backwards,” says the furious actress who’s slowly getting over this tragedy.

In addition, another series of bad luck has sprung up on her. Firstly, NDTV Imagine cut out Elesh’s true personality from the Pati Patni aur Woh episodes which really made Rakhi look like the ‘villain’ on the show. In addition, the same channel was quite harsh on her, making her perform with an injured foot in the finale episode of Perfect Bride. It seems that this stress on the foot has in fact worsened her condition.

But like those million other unfortunate incidents that have happened to her, even this one didn’t get the better of her as she’s bouncing back in no time and looking ahead to a brighter future.

Here’s wishing this helluva strong girl all the best as she returns from this lull period. From all that we know of her, she’ll be back to being surrounded by controversy, setting the big screen on fire and lighting up the otherwise boring television screens in no time!

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