Fabulous 70s Jodis

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Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh – In the very Amitabh Bachchan dominated 70’s, there was still time for a fun romance flick often starring this jodi. One of their most popular films together was Kabhi Kabhie (1976) where they played the free spirited young lovers very different from their parents own love stories. Neetu and Rishi are definitely a jodi where they both match each other’s bubbliness and enthusiasm, they gave a voice to the lovesick teenagers in a time where vigilante and action dominated the box office. They also had time for mature fare in the very frank Doosra Aadmi (1977) where they play a newlywed couple dealing with infidelity, and. In this film, they both were able to give their characters such depth, showing the audience what could happen if their previous filmi happy-go-lucky lovers actually got married and had to deal with these real world issues.

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