Fabulous 70s Jodis

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Feroz Khan & Mumtaz – The 70’s was very much an era of violence, sex, and a whole lot of swagger, and one of the best jodis to showcase the funkadelic 70’s is definitely Mumtaz and Feroz. Mumtaz and Feroz starred in many adventure films in the 60’s, but their most popular film together was Apradh (1972) a stylish crime caper featuring Mumtaz as a jewel thief who falls for race car driver Feroz. Feroz also directed the film, and it shows his usual cocktail of thrills with a car race filmed at the Nuremberg Grand Prix and a groovy background score by funk masters Kalyanji Anandji. Apradh is perfect film to showcase this jodi, because the two actors are so comfortable with each other on screen, which allows for an easy rapport, especially a sequence where the two lovers frolic on the beach in their skivvies. The camera doesn’t linger in a voyeuristic way; it is rather a cute moment that pushes the envelope as well as showing the audience the sizzling chemistry of this jodi. Mumtaz and Feroz throughout their films together set fashion trends with their seriously funky clothes, with Mumtaz’s tight saris and Feroz’s neckerchiefs and khaki bell bottoms.

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