Fashion Stars and Flunkers

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Shimmering like none other, Minissha makes quite an impression with this dress! The elegant hairstyle perfectly complements the sophisticated dress and long earrings although one wishes she would have gone slightly subtler with the sparkles on the skirt of her dress. The crochet-style top is marvelous!

Is this really our style icon Malaika Arora? Her make-up looks too stark against the black dress. Now this dress…what can I possibly say about the frayed, beggar-like edges with the hideously large bow and the box-shape the entire piece gives her? That’s right, ew!

Although delighted Dia decided to go Indian with the salwaar kameez, we’re not quite as delighted in her choice of dress. The top…brown, silver, gold, snaky, against the light pink soft flimsy kameez might have matched if the shade of brown was nicer. But at least the fitting is nice.

The sign reads, “Elephants belong in the Wild; Not in Captivity.”
We think, “Celina belongs in a brothel; Not in Acting.”

We wish that “modern” actresses would take a page out of Madhuri’s book! She manages to shine, be beautiful, glamorous, and sophisticated all at once without compromising any of her modesty. The only complaint is her sandals – perhaps she plucked it out of her own closet, for they’re a little too homely.

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