Fashionista, Kangana Ranaut wears the same outfit!

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Kangana Ranaut takes on the role of a journalist in her latest flick Knock Out. Since the film is set over a 2 hour time period, Kangana had to wear the same outfit throughout. However, filming a 2-hour story still required over 40 days of shooting, therefore the designer of the film, Rick Roy, had to create a set of the same costume for the actress.

Kangana, who is considered a fashionista, found wearing the same outfit, a grey suit, boring; “I got fed up wearing the same clothes, as in other films I am used to wearing so many fashionable, glamorous and sexy outfits.”

A fashion scare occurred on the sets when, last minute a new location was selected and the original outfits clashed with the scenery. Rick Roy came to the rescue by designing a new set of outfits overnight.

Mani Shankar, the director, was full of praises for Rick Roy, “We found a new location in Pune and the outfit Kangana was supposed to wear was merging into the background. We asked Rick to create a whole new set, and he did a great job. Kangana looks fantastic.”

Knock Out sees Mani Shankar, and Sohail Maklai, the producer, working together after a long gap. Mani and Sohail first worked together on Rudraksh in 2004.

Knock Out is scheduled to release on the 15th October and stars Sanjay Dutt, who takes on the role of a ‘lone ranger’, and Irrfan Khan, a street smart investment banker, alongside Kangana Ranaut.

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