Finally! Ajay on KWK

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While the chance of having Salman Khan on his couch is still up in the air, Karan Johar has somehow convinced Ajay Devgn to appear on Koffee with Karan. The actor has never been a part of the show despite Kajol being good friends with Karan. Devgn has cited the “gossipy” nature of the show as a reason for staying away in the past. However, wifey Kajol urged and convinced Ajay to take on the couch while she will be staying away as she is busy playing mom to her newborn baby boy.

Needless to say, Karan was beyond excited to have Ajay on the show. In fact, the duo are said to have spent much time together before they shot for the episode. The anchor hopes to catch a “glimpse” of Ajay that has never been seen before. However, he did go on to stress on the fact that his episode with Ajay Devgn is strictly non-controversial.

An insider even went on to claim that Ajay surprised the host and crew with his witty answers in the Rapid Fire round. His wicked sense of humor shone as he was quick and quirky.

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