Fool N Final

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Himesh Reshammiya and Sameer, surely you’re sick of the pair working together already. Yet, in Feroz Nadiawala’s latest venture, they pair up once again to deliver the rather mediocre album of Fool N Final. The star cast of this film is immense, so one would have expected something better, but here’s the breakdown of the album. With a total of only four tracks (accompanied by remixes of each, of course, as Himesh is wont to do in every one of his recent albums), just glancing at it raises eyebrows.

On the bright side, most of us are relieved to find that singers other than Himesh actually are singing the songs, which immediately brings back some of those people who’d turned up their noses and walked away when they heard it was Himesh’s album.

Let’s begin with the best track (in the opinion of this author). Titled Yeh Dooriyan, this is a youthful mix that definitely retains Himesh’s signature style, yet it is one those tracks that reminds you there was a reason we honestly used to like his songs. It’s sung by a new find named Hanif Shaikh who does a decent job. Although the lyrics saying “Shakira ve” make little sense just listening to the album, it’ll hopefully be made clear once we watch the movie!

Remember Himani from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Challenge 2005? Well, she joins well-loved singer Kunal Ganjawala in crooning the fast-paced and likeable Tere Layee. Himani’s immense talent is absolutely wasted with the small part she’s given, although Kunal Ganjawala lives up to expectations. Your feet begin tapping as this continues, and while being rhythmic, it’s still only average – as soon as it turns off, you’re going to forget it.

And we’re back to mixed-bowl of Punjabi and Western as Sigdi begins playing. From the start, it’s obvious that it’s produced keeping Sunny Deol fans in mind. Actually, it’s a bit reminiscent of the Punjabi tracks four or five years track – nothing remarkable, with rather under-average lyrics (well, since when are lyrics ever noticed in a Himesh album?). Just sitting through the duration of this track is a feat, so don’t fret if you miss out on this one.

While my Hindi isn’t the strongest, I can count until seven in Hindi, so I’m quite sure what’s the point of the next song, called Ek Kalsa. The lyrics seem totally meaningless – maybe a futile attempt at mixing love and counting? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the tune is actually not half-bad. However, the combination of the totally useless lyrics and Himesh’s voice (yes, he’s back. You honestly didn’t believe that he would stay away for a whole album, did you?) makes one take a few steps back. Advice: run far away and never return to this track!

So there you have it, all four tracks in the Fool N Final and not one that stands out as a hit. If you want to listen to the remixes, go ahead; they bring nothing new or worth commenting on to the table. Keep your fingers crossed that the picturization is able to lift these songs out of the inevitable flop.

Our Rating

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