For ‘Banno’ girl Swati, ‘Mera Kissa’ is her most important song

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16jan_swatisharmaSwati Sharrma created a sensation last year when her ‘Banno’ from Tanu Weds Manu Returns emerged as one of the biggest chartbusters in recent times. Now she has been rewarded with an even larger platform, what with upcoming film Direct Ishq featuring as many as six songs of hers.

While she is pretty much displaying her versatility in a big way with songs as different as ‘Direct Ishq’ (an item number) and ‘Ishq Nimboo Sa’ (a romantic track) already on air, the one which has just been unveiled – Vivek Kar composed ‘Mera Kissa’ – is the one closest to her heart, the reason being that not only does it show that she is moving on from a folk, item and love song by stepping in as a rock-star, there is also a lot of meaning in the A.M. Turaz written number that would reverberate with today’s youth.

“This is a concert number which is picturised on the leading lady of the film, Nidhi Subbaiah,” informs our source. “She plays a girl from Banaras who wants to achieve something big in her life and wants to break away from the shackles that society has put on her. Being a small town girl, she dares to do something big and this concert performance in Banaras is one of the starting points.”

For Swati, who hails from Bihar and has made her way into Mumbai with sheer willpower and hard-work, the story reminded her of her own struggle.

“I could totally relate to the song,” says Swati, “It is really important not just for the film but also personally for me. ‘Mera Kissa’ is about women empowerment and in today’s times, it is much needed as well. I am sure that girls in particular will definitely like it.”

She opens up further while getting suitably emotional.

“Today, everyone is talking about equality. However, the kind of songs that are being made, I sometimes feel that they are being put together and used in films in a strange way. I think girls have a complete ‘haq’ on everything; we are much more than what we are perceived to be,” she says, “I totally believe that ‘Mera Kissa’ would do whatever it can in its capacity to change this perception.”

We hope so as well.

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