For Junglee, Vidyut Jammwal performs his own daredevilry stunts on the bike

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Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Junglee is based on the unique relationship between a man and elephants. Jammwal essays the role of a vet who discovers a poaching racket in the movie slated to release on April 5th this year.

The actor had an enriching learning experience on the film. Talking about the same, he says, “I had a different art form to learn for Junglee. They wanted someone who was comfortable with animals as we had five-ten elephants on the sets all the time. Before kicking off the film, I spent a lot of time with an elephant mahout to understand the basic command words, how to sit on them, how to feed them, how not to harm them and lastly how to bathe them. After getting the basics right, I took a step further by staying with an elephant whisperer for ten days to understand how he communicated with them. This way I learnt the art of connecting with the elephant without ordering it around. It was the biggest high of my life when the elephant understood my command for the first time; an experience I will cherish for life.”

Now, we all know that Vidyut Jammwal is a super fit actor who already showcased his action abilities to the world. Not just that, the actor loves riding his bike around as well. For Junglee, he got to combine the two! The actor shot an action sequence that involved an extensive and challenging journey made on a bike; one that Jammwal insisted on executing himself, despite director Chuck Russell’s reluctance.

The actor says, “When Chuck narrated the sequence to me, I was ecstatic, because it [biking] was another skill I would get to acquire. I knew I had to do it. We went through [an intensive] training before shooting the sequence with the team of Hollywood bike director.”

A major chunk of the sequence required the actor to ride across wetland, a task he deemed challenging. “The dirt bike has more power, and is quicker than regular bikes. We first learnt about the terrain, and then rode the bike through water and river beds. It was strenuous, and particularly risky to ride on wet roads. I had to be careful of the animals around me as well. I took 15 rounds of the terrain before being confident enough to shoot,” says the actor, who delivered the final shot in one take.

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