Gayatri Patel Achieves an Award

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The star of Let’s Dance, Gayatri Patel will be awarded and Arch of Excellence Award at the All India Achievers’ Convention at the Leela Kempinski Hotel in Mumbai today. The award is in recognition of her achievements in the fields of dance and cinema. “I am really thrilled about getting rewarded with this prestigious award,” she says, “When finally your efforts are appreciated one feels boosted and that’s how I am feeling at present. I am really anxious and waiting for the final day.”

Tennessee-born Gayatri’s first movie was financed by her father and she has recently made a guest appearance in the movie 1-800-Love. She has trained in Kathak and also yoga.

Although Gayatri’s dancing skills have earned her the nickname of The Dancing Tornado, she is keen to be seen as developing as an actress as she wants to put down roots in the industry in the same way as stars such as Madhuri Dixit. “I want to follow their path and want to be known not just for my dancing skills but also my acting capabilities,” she explains, “I am essentially an actress and also a dancer.”

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