Gazala Singh Shows Her True Identity

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Bewitchingly, British model Gazala Kaur changes her profession – model, poet, actress – her name – Navreen Kaur, Gazala Kaur, Gazala Singh – and her location – London, Mumbai – routinely in a manner that entrances her fans and provides her with a range of different opportunities to develop her career.

Now based in Mumbai, Gazala has graced the front cover of Femina magazine and produced her own rap-influenced poetry in semi-textese before entering the acting profession:

Just for a few moments
Our story took place
Then got lost in a grave
u’d know that’s all it takes to drown
If u’d cared to set it down

Gazala Kaur – Lost in a moment (extract)

Now, following in the footsteps of Katrina Kaif, Gazala hopes to break into the big time in Bollywood and has gotten off to a flying start with a three-film deal with Canadian company White Tulip which is working hard to develop a niche in the industry by producing movies attractive to the diaspora as well as the home market, whilst at the same time producing TV software – lifestyle and reality shows for example.

Gazala is said to be thrilled at this new development in her career and is expected to also be involved in Dancing Beauty, one of White Tulip’s reality projects. “It was a dream come true for Gazala who is a very talented dancer, singer and actor,” said a spokesman, “She has been acting since the age of 10 and has done theatre, dance and drama.”

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