Getting Ready for Housefull 2

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Director Sajid Khan has described his sequel Housefull 2 as ‘bigger, better and total paisa vasool’ and is very is excited about his script for the film that is just about to start its first schedule, “I have a fantastic script with me. My film is a big brand today.” The director is bringing some new faces into the mix to star with Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh, both of whom were seen in the original. This sequel to the blockbuster hit has John Abraham, Rishi Kapoor, Asin, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Mithun Chakraborty joining in the fun for the out and out comedy film.

Also joining the cast is Rahul Khanna and the director has nothing but praise for the charming actor, “Rahul Khanna is an extremely handsome and talented boy. He just hasn’t got the right break or role in a commercial film. Housefull 2 is will show the world that he has what it takes to be a star.” We also hear that the actor is gearing up and will join the six-pack ab brigade!

In the first installment Akshay’s character was a bit of a mess but in the sequel, well, coolness is the word, “If Akshay played a ‘Sad Sack’ in Housefull, he plays the coolest character of his career in Housefull 2. We’ve really enhanced the cool quotient for Akshay in Housefull 2. The Akshay that you’ll see in Housefull 2 has never been seen before,” the director told IANS.

Apparently he has quite a lot planned for the film location-wise and wants to shoot in Antarctica, and Iceland, plus a key sequence will be done in the Weightless Programme Chamber at NASA!

Not only that, this one is going to be an action-fest according to Khan who told the Hindustan Times, “I’m designing them myself and will give the hardcore action filmmakers a run for their money.” Apparently one scene will have stars John, Rahul, Riteish and Akshay battling 40, yes 40 men! “I’ve discussed the scene with John, Riteish and Rahul, but Akshay’s still in the dark. He’ll carry it off though, he’s a superhero and action is his forte.” He also wants a super cool bike stunt and wants John Abraham to do it. “It’s a two-second take, but it will require weeks of training because I don’t want to use computer gimmicks. I want him to do it for real and am getting in touch with one of the bikers who used to perform the Maut ka kuawa act at travelling circuses. He has since retired, but having ridden around the rim of the Well of Death he would be perfect to show John how to do it.” Interestingly, John too has no idea what is planned but Khan says, “;He knows that something spectacular is in line and trusts me to give the audience some heart-in-the-mouth moments.”

Looks like the cast has some exciting moments coming up on the schedule for the film that goes to the floor in May. We will keep you up to date on all the Housefull 2 news so stay tuned for much more!

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