Ghost Movie Review

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Trying to cash in on the Friday 13th legend, Bharat Shah released his horror saga Ghost this Friday. Directed by Puja Jatinder Bedi, it stars Shiney Ahuja (his first movie after the scandal) and Sayali Bhagat.

Frankly speaking, that’s all you really should know about the movie. This silly hotchpotch doesn’t even have a decent story to its credit. The writer tries to add religion, revenge, suspense and what not and fails miserably. After the beginning credits itself you realize that it was a bad move to decide to watch this movie (or maybe, like the movie says, it is Gods punishment for your sins). We have a nurse performing an item song to a doctor, we have the female lead Dr Suhani (Sayali) who appears least bothered about the murders of her colleagues and keeps on asking the investigating office (Shiney) to take a break from solving the case and have coffee. And we have the lead actor who appears to take his urgent investigation as a nine-to-five job and keeps on breaking into songs with the lady love. Lastly, the “ghost” breaks into a dance with Sandip Soparrkar in end credits…

The “horror” movie is made more interesting with the amazing performances by the lead pair. Sayali plays a doctor in the movie who seems to have only night shifts, wears short dresses to the hospital (like a viewer aptly commented, her doctor’s coat was longer than her dress) and all she seems to do is either walk along the empty corridors following the “sound” or sing songs with the male lead. Which brings us to Shiney Ahuja. Shiney does his usual what he is best at – look white and expressionless. In fact I think he would make a good Edward Cullen instead of the investigating officer cum Roadies wannabe show champ (“Shadak Chap” Seriously?). When one talks about horror movies, the visual and special effects play a very important part. The director in an interview had claimed that the special effects of this movie are at par with those of Hollywood and “Computer graphics used in the film are one of its highlights” – I have never laughed so much in my life before. Ghost has special effects which would make a Ramsay movie look rich in visuals. The ghost has a blazing nose and eyes; beyond that I really don’t need to tell you more- you get the idea. I wouldn’t even waste time in talking about the music, direction, editing, screenplay, cinematography – they are either shoddy (like the special effects) or non-existent (like the promised scares).

I seriously wanted to give this movie the benefit of doubt and checked if it was a canned movie released ages later. Apparently not. The censor board it seems cut a few scenes short as they were pretty violent. I wish they had deleted all the scenes from this movie. Not scared, but I am definitely scarred for life now.

Our Rating

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