God Tussi Great Ho

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Like most Salman Khan starrers, God Tussi Great Ho garnered attention even though it released opposite Bachna Ae Haseeno this Independence Day. As we know, this film has been creatively inspired by the Jim Carrey hit Bruce Almighty which only means that expectations have doubled since the original was great. Does GTGH weave any magic or will it be a downer? Let’s find out!

Aarun (Salman Khan) aka A.P., is a struggling T.V. host. He believes that it is none other than God himself that is making him struggle and he feverently exprseses this opinion. Whenever anything goes wrong–be it his show being cancelled, his sister not being able to get married or losing the girl of his dreams, Alia (Priyanka Chopra) to his more successful co-worker Rakesh (Sohail Khan)–nothing in this guy’s life seems to go right. And whom is responsible? Well, we may not be so sure but Aarun is convinced it’s ‘God’. Shouting, screaming, and blaming only Him.

When matters get out of hand, even God himself has the right to be annoyed and upset! God (Amitabh Bachchan) enters the picture and decides to hand his powers over to Aarun for ten days since he seems to believe he can do a better job of handling the world. The only condition is that Aarun cannot tell anybody! From here on begins Aarun’s story–oops, I mean God! He runs the world his way and is in for a huge shock as things aren’t as easy as they seem.

The first half of this film really drags. There is not a single truly funny moment and nothing is that intriguing. Although Salman’s rantings are quite enjoyable to watch – even he can’t save the sinking boredom taking over your mind. Bruce Almighty didn’t have a single boring moment, which shows that this film failed to capture the essence of the original. In the first half, each actor is very limited except Salman Khan who keeps the film a one-man show. His comedy has an edge and he uses sarcasm well.

Acting wise, Sohail Khan was also strictly alright. There isn’t anything special about his performance, but there isn’t anything bad either. Usually he’s a scene stealer, but this time neither his character nor his performance is appealing.

Other than this, the only person that actually stands out throughout the film is Anupam Kher. Comically, he’s the best part of this boring film. And since I must, I’ll mention Priyanka Chopra who was only good in parts. Just like Sohail Khan, she was just okay.

But the best part of the film is the scene stealer who’s hardly there. It’s really sad that unlike in the original, this character barely gets any scope. Amitabh Bachchan was absolutely great! He’s the only one in the entire film that deserves full marks. Though Big B was fantastic, I wish he had a more prominent role in the film. If he did, perhaps we could call him the saving grace of the film.

Post-interval, after Aarun becomes God, the film keeps up the boring pace. For the first nine days he fixes his life and suddenly on the tenth day he realizes that he hasn’t done anything for the world. So he vows to make things right, even if he only has one day. Of course, this goes completely wrong So he says he will and that too…all in one day. But of course this goes completely wrong. Hastily, Aarun grants wishes to everybody in the world. This backfires when nobody ends up getting what they want.

Truly, this film is a huge downer. Here I was expecting a great comedy like Bruce Almighty, but what I got was rather boring and repetitive. . In addition to ripping off a Hollywood film, one of the main parts of the plot is ripped off from the American TV show titled ‘A Moment of Truth’.

Moving on to lighter matters–the music, which sucks to be totally frank. Putting it simply, the music has no mass appeal and even the best song ‘Tujhe Aqsa Beach’ is filmed poorly.

Technically, the film is average as well. The cinematography doesn’t really provide anything great to look at. Even the scenes with God have poor art direction though something interesting has been attempted. Unfortunately, the result is average.

At the end of the day, a person wants an entertaining movie that is worth their money. Sadly enough, God Tussi Great Ho fails to deliver big time. You can’t even say it was good in parts, because it was bad all around! The film has it’s moments, but in the long run it’s a miserable failure. As a self-confessed Salman Khan fan, it pains me to admit that the film was horrible. But this is the truth–God Tussi Great Ho is a monumental failure.

Our Rating

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