Govinda in Raavana

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If the grapevine rumors are true, Govinda will be playing an integral part of Mani Ratnam’s Raavana which also stars real-life jodi, Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan. He will play the part of Hanuman which however, has been completely changed and is said to be inspired but not completely based on the character of Hanuman. What initially started as a cameo has been turned into a complete role in the film for the actor. However, Govinda is said to have taken a silent oath on the role refusing to talk about the role or the film.

In the meantime, rumors are also afloat that Govinda has gone back to his irresponsible ways and has become hard to deal with on the sets, but the actor defended himself and shot back, “If I’m so difficult why did Mani offer me such a role? In fact, my character of the man who guides the protagonist through the forest has shaped into an achha khaasa role as the film progressed.” In fact, the director is said to have been so pleased with his work, that he has even offered him another film. Govinda who was going through a rough phase where he was not being offered any films, is more than thrilled with all the work coming his way, “I’ve got work again after much difficulty. I’ve to concentrate on holding what I’ve found after a long struggle rather than give importance to people who are trying to malign me.”

Govinda’s upcoming ventures include Life Partner and Do Knot Disturb.

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