Happy Birthday Genelia D’Souza

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Happy Birthday to girl of the moment Genelia D’Souza, looking forward to another potential hit through her stunning performance and look in Life Partner. Genelia is one of those few stars who are genuinely loved equally through Bollywood and South careers. She is philosophic about the way it all came about: “I was at a wedding when a person from an ad agency spotted me and asked for my photos,” she explains, “It has been a roller-coaster ride so far. It’s all destiny and nobody can change that.”

Now that Life Partner is about to be released and all that hard work will be judged, is she worried at all? “No, I am not a kind of person who would fret and get stressed,” she says, “I am more of a bindaas sort of a person. When I heard about the film, I knew that I had to do it. I had a blast shooting for it and I am very happy the way my character has turned out.”

She is looking forward to the release of further movies this year, which could see her move closer to Priyanka, Aish and the others at the top of the A-list. “I have a lot of films lined up this year — there’s Yahoo (or whatever) with Shahid Kapoor, Hook Ya Crook with John Abraham and It’s My Life … I have a lot of expectations from these films. Then I am doing a few south Indians films as well. I love being busy. My mom travels with me and hence there’s no question of missing home.”

Genelia was recently the star of the show at the Filmfare South Awards in Hyderabad and will be making an appearance as a darker character in the Telegu movie Katha. She says she likes to appear in Southern movies because there’s more opportunity to experiment. “I am allowed to experiment with my roles,” she confirms, “My latest release will be Katha, which is a dark film and I will be exhibiting a completely different character in that film.” Genelia as a femme fatale – that must be worth watching!

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