Harman riding on a high-five!

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Harman Baweja is creating quite a buzz and is definitely getting all the eyes upon him – watching his every move. Including, well established filmmakers such as: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ashutosh Gowariker, Anees Bazmee and Manmohan Shetty. He is the only newcomer to have five big banner films already to go on his resume. Now doesn’t that bring a guy’s spirits up? But Harman is feeling quite the opposite. He says its nerve-wrecking with all the pressure and the expectations. He feels its very deep water he’s in trying to live up to the expectations of these great directors.

In the promos for his debut film, Love Story 2050, we can see he is a great dancer. Harman recently revealed to the the media his passion for dancing, including how he learned Kathak for a year. He says although dancing is his passion, he’s not too technical and fussy over it. Sheepishly, the star-in-the-making says he imitates the style of Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva. Ask him about Hrithik and he carefully dodges it saying that he is completely a senior to him and comparing the two has no purpose at all as Roshan is held in much higher esteem.

Harman validated how he feels acting saying it is more the creative process rather than the competition build-up. He wants it to be fun…not a tense filled job.

Asking about his off-screen fling with girlfriend Priyanka, Harman gets a bit evasive. He says she’s the perfect co-star and explains how supportive she was to him and the entire team of Love Story 2050.

He said yet again that the expectations for LS 2050 are really high and he wants to surpass them for his entire family and of course Adlabs who have invested in the film.

Well…we wish this lovely newbie ALL THE BEST!

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