Highlights from the Wake Up Sid DVD release!

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The Wake Up Sid home video release function organized by Reliance BIG Home Video, on 19th Dec, at Crossword Juhu, turned out to be a interactive and lively session and was a great success.

Karan Johar & Ranbir Kapoor, the latest heart-throb of the nation came for the formal launch of the DVDs and VCDS. However, the meet turned out to be anything but formal, with fans shouting their love for Ranbir, media asking tongue-in-cheek questions and both Ranbir and Karan playing to the gallery.

The press turnout was extraordinary and the media was well represented across TV, Press, website and magazine. What was impressive was a very large number of fans that had gathered to see their favourite star in person.

Karan & Ranbir spoke at length about Wake Up Sid; the movie, their experience and the special place it holds in their lives. The special edition DVD pack, launched by Reliance BIG Home Video, found an enthusiastic ambassador in Ranbir Kapoor, who urged everyone to buy the original DVD.

Karan Johar commented on Ranbir Kapoor’s growth as actor from Saawariya to Rocket Singh as an upward journey. He mentioned that Dharma will do one film a year with Ranbir.

When asked how he felt as being voted as the most sexiest man, as per a leading magazine, Ranbir said that he didn’t feel ‘sexy’ and gets embarrassed with such titles. Karan cheekily suggested that the only reason Ranbir was voted as the sexiest man was because Karan let the title go!!

The media and the fans had a field day grilling Ranbir on his relationship status. While Ranbir initially tried to dodge the question, he was finally forced to admit by the media and the fans that ‘I am single’. This really seemed to gladden the female fans who wanted to know if Ranbir was ‘also ready to mingle’.

Ranbir also spoke about his experience of making of the movie and how much he could relate to Sid Mehra. He mentioned that although he was not as clueless about his life as Sid was, he could still relate to the special moments in the film.

The question which brought down the house was ‘Do you think you are the next Shahrukh Khan?’ Ranbir was at his diplomatic best by admitting that ‘Shahrukh Sir cannot be compared. He is a legend on his own’. Karan however, admitted that Ranbir has the strength to achieve great heights.

Ranbir & Karan also obliged a lot of fans with photographs and autographs.

Sweta Agnihotri, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance BIG Home Video, who also shared the dais, said that their company was very happy and proud about this association. She also mentioned that Reliance BIG Home Video had ensured that with superior quality, exclusive and special features, the Wake Up Sid DVD resulted in a true collector’s copy.

If you don’t have your copy run to get it now! We loved the film here at BollySpice and you will too!

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