Himesh in 3 new avatars

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Himesh Reshammiya has donned the cap (if you will forgive the pun) of singer, music director and composer for many a Bollywood film and this year he added the acting cap with his leading role in Aap Kaa Surroor – The Moviee. Now it seems the acting Himesh is going to be working very hard in 2008 because he has signed on to do not one but three new movies.

The first is the remake of Subhash Ghai’s classic film Karz, with Himesh taking on the role that Rishi Kapoor essayed in the original. According to Bhushan Kumar,”Our Karz will be trans-located to contemporary times with a fresh musical score by Himesh.”

The second movie is John Mathew Matthan’s A Love Sshhtory and in the film Himesh will take on a totally different character. He plays a tapoori and a source close to the project says, “Hence a few extra ‘s’ and ‘h’ in A Love Sshhtor. The film is being designed as a fun outing and is being packaged to work across all nook and corners of the country, just like Aap Kaa Surroor – The Moviee“.

Starring opposite Himesh will be Niharika Singh, a former Miss India. “Niharika originally hails from Dehradun and plays a super rich girl in the film who is wooed by Himesh Reshammiya. She comes with a rich modeling experience and has done T.V. commercials for mega brands like Sony, Samsung and Asian Paints amongst others. She has also featured in music videos for Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh & Babul Supriyo,” the source added.

Himesh will also been in a film directed by Pooja Bhatt titled Kajrare, “Bhatts are known for making sensitive films with a strong storyline. For Kajrare too, Mahesh Bhatt has written a very dramatic script. Yet again, the central protagonist is a very different character and would give Himesh an opportunity to be seen in a different light,” said the source. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Kajrare will have a huge budget of 30 crore and according to the source: “Kajrare too has romance as a stream though there is a thriller element to it too. The film tells the story of a boy who sees a girl in Morocco and falls in love with her. Later he chases her all the way only to face the shock of his life as realises that the girl of his dreams was no one but a prostitute in Pakistani’s notorous ‘Heera Mandi’. The film will be shot at some of the most unseen locations in Morocco, Europe and Pakistan.”

Since Himesh is of course more known as a music director and composer all 3 films will have music from his vast library of songs. “Kajrare will be having eight songs interspersed in the narrative. Himesh’s music bank already comprises of 300 songs out of which 20 songs would be selected for these 3 films. While the music will be contemporary, it would again be based on ‘raagas’, something which is Himesh’s strength.”

All three projects are expected to go to the boards in 2008 and it has not been decided if he will actually be wearing a cap in any of the films, we will have to wait and watch. Also there is a rumor of another big announcement coming from Reshammiya’s camp so check back here to get the latest news.

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