Himesh Reshamiya going International with ‘At Da Edge’

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Himesh Reshamiya is getting ready to take on the world with his newest project. The master composer and singer is expanding his repertoire and song list with a new album titled At Da Edge. What makes this album so special is that it is entirely in English. The album has 15 songs all composed by Himesh and range from dance tracks, to rock plus some wonderful ballads.

Himesh feels that music has no language and says he really enjoyed creating the songs for this album, “It’s been a year of research and study of what works in the West and now that I am ready with my album I can only say that it is due to the blessings of God, my parents and the people of India. It’s been a 360 degree reinvention for me and I have enjoyed working on the project, which not only excites me monetarily but also creatively.”

Another exciting aspect is that Roman White, who has directed videos for music stars like Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, will be directing the videos for At Da Edge. Produced by Vivek Singhania of Picture Perfect and Randy Brewer of Revolution Films, the videos are going to be shot in incredible locations all over the world. White says he is very excited about bringing Himesh’s music to the West and that he can’t wait to get started, “It is cool to have an international artist like Himesh come into the music scene in the West because it mixes things up and gives us something fresh and exciting. I think people are going to love the music Himesh has created.”

From what we hear, the album has already created quite the stir among record labels and is expected to be another big hit for the singer. At Da Edge is scheduled to release in over 122 countries in March of 2011.

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