Himesh Reshammiya clarifies that the new look is for his next Guns and Roses

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15feb_Himesh Guns and Roses

We recently revealed to you all multi-talented Himesh Reshammiya’s stylish and trendy new look. According to a recent article in the Mumbai Mirror, comparisons of Himesh’s new look, were made with that of international pop icon Justin Bieber. However, Himesh was quick to react, and said that it wasn’t a conscious attempt to emulate Justin at all.

Himesh went on to say that “I’m a great admirer of his (Justin’s) music. Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna ji, all have been creating some fantastic music which is both praise worthy and inspiring.” Himesh further explained that his new look is for his forthcoming film Guns and Roses “I am starting a film titled Guns and Roses by June in which I play a pop singer,” he pointed out. “That’s why the toned body and the look, there’s nothing more to it.”
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