“Hisss is the “biggest” film I’ve done so far!” – Mallika Sherawat

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Wherever she goes, she manages to create magic. Whether it’s back home in Bollywood, her new found home Hollywood and even on Twitter, Mallika Sherawat has become popular for the right and wrong reasons. When she came on the acting scene, we saw Sherawat become a part of the sex symbol brigade with her bold scenes and gallant attitude. It is this very trait that put her on the cover of various magazines and tabloids. She then decided to venture westward where she was accepted and welcomed. In her upcoming fusion film, Mallika will take on the role of queen snake as she plays in the legendary nagin in Jennifer Lynchs’ Hisss. Convinced that this role will change audiences perceptions of her in the U.S. and in India, Sherawat believes that Hisss is a film that brings together both cinemas; Hollywood and Bollywood. And for the “biggest” film of her career, Sherawat has gone to great lengths with regards to the promotion of the film. Mallika spoke to BollySpice about all things Hisss and Bollywood. And as usual, she doesn’t fail to impress!

I think the question on everyone’s mind is when Hisss will release. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.

Soon! October 22nd.

You’ve gone through great heights to promote the film. Do you feel that Hisss will change your career?

It’s the “biggest” film I’ve done so far, the most ambitious and probably the hardest I’ve worked on something; so the promotions should reflect that. I’m happy to work hard to make it a success. It’s definitely taken my career in a different direction, and I love new challenges.

What attracted you to the role of a sexy snake in Hisss?

The nagin is like a female superhero from Indian mythology. What gal wouldn’t want to play it?

Did you take a lot of convincing to be a part of the film?

No. Great role, great script, great filmmakers. It was an easy decision.

How do you think Hisss will change audiences and moviemakers perception of you?

I do believe audiences will have never seen anything quite like Hisss. It’s a role unlike anything I’ve played before. So we’ll see how people react!

Who would you say were your inspirations for Hisss?

Some of the great “golden age” film stars and some of the contemporary action femme fatales. I also studied the history of the legend of the snake goddess, and of course, I really got into snake culture.

In Hisss, you work with an incredibly varied cast. From Jeff Doucette to Irrfan Khan, they all sing praises of you. How was your experience of working with them?

Overall the acting in the film is incredible. I’m lucky to have worked with such talent. I got better at my craft. The bar was raised.

Is Hisss a Hollywood film or a Bollywood film?

One can’t really label it, though many will try.

When director Jennifer Lynch bought the script to you, how did you react?

It was a great script. Coming from America, she had such a different perspective on the legend. It was bold, new and refreshing. And she brought out an aspect to the legend that many have ignored or don’t know about: that the nagin is also a goddess of fertility. She can grant you a child or take it away.

How was it working with Lynch?

The hardest working woman [Lynch] I’ve ever had the pleasure with which to collaborate. Brilliant, creativity for miles! Fearless. Funny. And a really good heart. She challenged me and got the best out of me. There was no slacking at all with her.

Tell us about the experience of working on a film that demanded a lot from you physically as well as emotionally.

Grueling. But I’d do it again in a second. Because it was so hard, the reward was so great. I’m very proud of the film.

How has Hollywood accepted you? Would you say they have been welcoming? And are you planning to shift base from Mumbai to Los Angeles?

I have a home in LA and plan to continue to do projects in both industries. Hollywood has been very welcoming. They needed a little masala.

Does this mean you are leaving Bollywood for good or do you have any Hindi movies lined up in the near future?

[I am] shooting for Double Dhamaal at the moment, and have received offers from both Bollywood and Hollywood. I go where the good roles are.

Do you find it rather sad that people still associate you with Murder considering that the film released back in 2004 or the item girl from the Guru?

No, but I don’t plan on letting the past define me. I have a lot more in store.

You are loved and adored on Twitter. Did you anticipate such fandom when you joined the social networking site?

It started as a way to keep in touch with India while I was in LA. I love it. I have a lot of fun replying to people. It’s now become part of my, almost, daily routine. I didn’t know where it would lead when I started, but happy it became what it is.

What do you have coming up besides Hisss?

Next for release will probably be Politics of Love, a romantic comedy set during the Obama election. It’s a great film with a great cast and I think my fans will love it.

What message do you have for the readers of BollySpice?

Don’t forget you have a date with me October 22nd at the theater near you.

Hisss releases October 22nd! The film is set to create some hisssstory so be sure to check it out!

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