Hrithik and Katrina at Main Krishna Hoon Music Launch

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ZNMD co-stars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif made a presence at the music launch of Main Krishna Hoon in Mumbai recently. The Rajeev-Ruia directed children’s movie sees Hrithik and Katrina making special appearances in the movie. Also present at the event were Ganesh Hegde and Rajneesh Duggal – who have choreographed and starred in a dahi-handi song respectively – and singer Javed Ali.

Producers Nandan Mohato and Promila Hunter were Hrithik’s spot boy and Katrina’s hairdresser respectively which is why the two stars had readily agreed to be a part of the movie. Katrina told the gathered press as to how she was introduced to Promila during her first solo Hindi film Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye. “The first thing she did was look at my hair and say ‘Kitne patle baal hain aapke(you have such thin hair)’ and I was so angry with her for that! But then we stuck together for these years and I have grown fond of her,” said Kat. Hrithik got emotional talking about the time when he used to return home tired with his back aching and Nandan would massage him. “There was also a time when Nandan had a back ache and I had given him a massage. This is not something a star would do for his spot boy. I did it because he is more than a spot boy to me; he’s a dear friend,” said Hrithik adding that it was a different feeling when Nandan made him work hard for his movie – a role reversal of sorts!

Main Krishna Hoon is a 3D composite animation film produced by J C FILM VISION / FACT ENTERPRISES LTD. It tells the story of a boy named Krishna meeting the lord Krishna from heaven. Lord Krishna‘s character is animated in the movie. Juhi Chawla and couple of kids play central characters in the film. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have decided to lend their support to this film and hence they are doing cameo roles in the film.

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