“I can’t stop smiling, so I don’t know. Until I stop smiling, till then I think the excitement hasn’t settled down” – Shah Rukh Khan

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13aug_SRK-Eid02“I can’t stop smiling, so I don’t know. Until I stop smiling, till then I think the excitement hasn’t settled down. Right now, we are all just looking at each other and smiling, which means that the (movie release) excitement and jitters are still there”, confessed a beaming Shah Rukh Khan as he interacted with the media during the EID lunch at Mannat while good news trickled in of his latest release, Chennai Express.

Dressed in festival finery, sporting a wide grin that refused to fade, Shah Rukh Khan opened the gates of Mannat to the media on the occasion of EID and to revel in the accolades of Chennai Express. A shamiana set up, decorated with lilies, carnations and a dawaat spread with delicacies laid-out, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and bliss ‘I wish all of you Eid Mubarak, to everyone who is here and also to everyone who couldn’t be here today” “The occasion is good. You plan things and they work out well. So it’s a happy occasion, and we have a chance to share the happiness. There is an excuse to celebrate, bahana hai.. like they say ‘Mauka bhi hai, Dastoor bhi hai”, said Shah Rukh, twinkle in eye.

After months of hard work, days spent jetting across continents in promotions and audience interactions, SRK looked rested, his demeanour beaming with a sense of calm and satisfaction. Flanked by an equally elated director Rohit Shetty, he addressed the media talking about the film’s reception, “It’s nice, Mashallah, the film is doing well. For a film like Chennai or any big film, of big stars or big directors, I think you wait 3-4 days to let the film breathe. I haven’t seen the phones. We were all awake late, because we are usually tensed when a movie is up for release, we kept talking with each other. We are happy it started off well, happier that people are liking it. That’s a happy sign that everyone is having a good time in the theatres”

Speaking on keeping a brave face despite AbRam’s impending court case, he confessed that the family would deal with it together, “You try to cover it up with all the happy moments that I get like this. For me the happiest moment is that our son is born and Inshallah he’ll be well and we celebrate that. Being in the position, situation, public glare, I think that is a part and parcel of my life. It’s not welcome, it doesn’t make me feel any nicer, but we’ll deal with it. I think the fact that I am so happy, that happiness comes from him”

While it’s been a regular occurrence over the years for SRK to climb on the bungalow’s parapet and wave to the fans who gather for festivals or even his birthday, ‘I personally do not enjoy celebrating these occasions as much as I do sharing it with the public. It is a realization that what I am, I am because of them. So if I can share it with them, it’s the nicest feeling, I feel very happy”“I am so spoilt, my family loves me. I spent time with everyone; try to have conversations sometimes whenever I get a chance. My sister also, they just love me a lot and I try to reciprocate it as much as I can”. This time however it was a delight to see the family – wife Gauri, Aryan, Suhana and sister Shehnaz join him in the greetings as well. “My kids feel very embarrassed and angry at me. They are a little shy, but today I forced my children that they join and say hello to everyone who love us so much”

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