Iconic Scenes of Bollywood: Part 2

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Movie: Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham
The one where he chooses her: This scene is iconic not for what is said but for the visuals. The rain, the crowd…he has come to say Goodbye but then he sees and places his hand on her head…their lives are changed forever. More is said in that one gesture than in an entire monologue!

This week was quite the eclectic mix but we bet you were nodding your head and saying haan that def should have been on this list! Or oh now I want to see that movie again! There are many more to go…so check back next week as we continue on with our list of the 100 Iconic Scenes of Hindi Cinema.

Thanks to Razeen Shameem and Satinder Kaur who helped put together this list.

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