Imran Khan on IHLS and Break Ke Baad

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Imran Khan fans are getting excited because later this year they will get to see him in some new films. He has been hard at work on I Hate Luv Storys with Sonam Kapoor and Break Ke Baad with Deepika Padukone. The young actor has been running between sets to get work finished up on IHLS and the first schedule of Break Ke Baad. Besides those two, Imran also has Delhi Belly waiting in the wings. Recently, he talked about the films, his new hot bod photoshoot and much more. We have some highlights of those interviews, so catch up on all things Imran!

Talking about IHLS to the Hindustani Times, Imran says he does in fact like, love stories, but that his character is “against the idea of love”. He gave a bit of insight into the story of the film, “It’s a classic romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the film industry. Sammir (Dattani) is a famous director, Sonam is a production designer and I’m an assistant director. We’ve shot on actual sets in Film City that are shown as sets in the film. The director, Punit (Malhotra), has worked as an assistant director (AD) to different directors for a long time. And I think a lot of the film is based on real experiences.”

He also talked about working with co-star Sonam Kapoor, “Sonam is someone I’ve wanted to work with since I saw Saawariya. Actors tend to be selfish in that they want to work with directors and co-stars who will push them into giving their best and make them look good on screen. We got a couple of offers before I Hate Luv Storys but either she didn’t like the script or I gave it the thumbs down. After these false starts, we finally agreed on a project both of us instantly liked and since the first day of the shoot, it’s been an enjoyable experience.”

IHLS has now wrapped and is set to release on July 2nd. Promotion for the film should begin soon and Imran shot for a new photo shoot as part of the promotional campaign. He is looking very hot in the shots and fans have gone gaga over the pictures. Imran shirtless… need we say more? About the look of the shoot Imran told TOI, “Karan (Johar) wanted to sell me in this cool, sexy look. He wanted me to show my body. It’s to show the film’s attitude.”

About Delhi Belly, which is for Aamir Khan’s production house and is scheduled for release next year he said, “Delhi Belly is a film about three guys, there’s no romantic track. It’s the kind of cinema you haven’t seen in India before. For one, it’s in English. That alone makes it different because only a minority speaks the language in our country and that makes it a niche film. I fell madly in love with the script when I read it. I’d have done anything to be a part of this film. It’s turned out exactly the way I had visualised.”

Break Ke Baad is his newest project and he says the story is different from your typical Hindi boy-meets-girl romance, “It’s too early to talk about Break Ke Baad since we’ve only shot for it for two weeks. But it’s another interesting film. It doesn’t begin with the boy and girl meeting and falling in love. This couple has already been in a long-term relationship and has just decided to break up.”

He will be seen in a new jodi in Break Ke Baad and about co-star Deepika he said, “Deepika is the hardest worker I know. She is completely focused and dedicated to the job on hand. For Break Ke Baad, she’d wake up at 4 am, go into make-up at 5 am, and be ready for the shoot by 6 am. Since I’m like that too, I’d walk into the set at 6 am sharp, see her ready and smile back thinking, Ha, good!”

Of course in real life, unlike his character in IHLS, Imran most definitely does believe in love and is engaged to long time love Avantika Malik. However, wedding plans are waiting until he can give his full attention to them, “I need to figure out my schedule carefully so I can take time off to get married and go for a long honeymoon. I’ll need about two months off. I Hate Luv Storys will come out first, followed by Break Ke Baad in November-December and Delhi Belly next year. There are a couple of other projects I’m considering. Once I have worked out my dates, I will fix

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