Introducing Trip Recipe!

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As we last told you, as part of the cool promotions for the Salman Khan starrer Ready, the team is holding a live music concert this week in Mumbai. The READY LIVE MAD music concert is a 3-hour event that will be held on the 2nd of June, just a day prior to the film’s worldwide release. Stars Salman and Asin along with the film’s music director Pritam will be joined by Shibani Kashyap, Tulsi Kumar, Neeraj Sridhar, Tochi, and DJ Ramji Gulati on the stage. If that wasn’t cool enough, it will also feature acts by Krishna, Suresh Laheri, and a fashion extravaganza by the fashion partner Provogue.

Joining in the jam at the concert is the new band Trip Recipe. Trip Recipe is a four member rock band with Ashank Patkar on Vocals, Aditya Jain on Guitars, Siddhesh Borkar on Bass and Rudraksh Bhatt on Drums. I caught the guys in between rehearsals for the concert to find out more about them! Introducing – Trip Recipe!

Ashank told us the story of how one last minute gig led to the formation of the band.

“Actually, I knew Sid through a common friend. We had previously jammed together to form a metal band, but we failed miserably. A few months ago Sid called me to ask if I was interested to play for a college event to probably do a cover, that very day! I said okay. I still remember, I got Sid’s call at around 12:30pm; I reached at Aditya’s place at 1. Met Adi and Rudy for the first time. They had jammed 2 hours before so they had made a patch. I had a song, which I had written few months ago called SON TO MOTHER. We put it together and there was our first song ready within 30 minutes. We jammed till 2pm and left for the event in a college at Andheri (East), Tolani College to be precise. Around 6:30 we got on stage and played the song. We didn’t win, but we were happy. Soon we started jamming regularly and religiously, and here we are after 10 months with 8 originals ready. :)”

According to the band, quite the mix of genres influences their music and they combine all those together, add in their own vibe and originality to create that unique Trip Recipe sound.

“Our sound is some what commercial as well as underground. But success in the underground scene certainly is our priority. Our sound has various musical influences. Some of us like alternative/rock, metal, jazz, Indian classical etc. Hence, you will hear a lot of styles in our music.”

Of course, one question I had to ask was how they came up with the interesting name for the band.

“None of us do drugs in the band. But we’re always inquisitive as to what it feels like when you’re high on drugs. We hear people saying “damn I was tripping my brains off that day on weed” blah blah. So we decided to make music that makes us feel tripped. Our music is the recipe to a good trip. Hence, TRIP RECIPE :)”

Meet the guys of Trip Recipe in their own words:

Aditya: A very chilled out guy. The one who coordinates the jams, Very patient fella, hard working.

Favorite songs: Annie’s song By John Denver, Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, First Time By U2, The Chain Of Love By Clay Walker.

Sid: Moody, but not too hot tempered. Manageable. One the best bass players if you ask us. Musically, at another level.

Favorite Songs: The Pot, 10000 days, Vicarious All by the band Tool

Rudy: Easy going, but you won’t want to mess with this kid! He has no formal training on drums. YouTube and hard work helps. 🙂

Favorite Songs: Hope leaves By Opeth, Watch Over You, Black Bird By Alter Bridge, Black By Pearl Jam

Ashank: And He’s the nicest of all. (laughs) On a serious note – A hot head…as a person and on stage too…

Favorite Songs: Echoes, Goodbye Blue Sky, and See Emily Play By Pink Floyd, Inside of Me by Infernal Wrath

So are they ready to be part of the Ready Live music gig? “We are excited! Stars go all out to promote their films, and the latest is Salman Khan who is set to promote his forthcoming film Ready with this live concert. It was a good feeling because Trip Recipe believes in playing live for the audience and this is one of the few opportunities where we can showcase our talent.”

What do they think will be the coolest thing about being on stage for the Ready concert? “We will get to meet Salman Khan and some of the best musicians Pritam, Shibani Kashyup, Tulsi Kumar, Neeraj Shridhar and then we get to showcase our music to the great Indian audience!”

However as to what they will play… “That’s something you will come to know at the day of the concert… so be there.”

Since this is all in promotion for Ready, we also asked what is their favorite song from the OST. “Dhinka Chicka! Because it’s a fun song, as our music is also fun, well most of our songs.”

Along with this concert the four musicians are getting ready for the next steps too, which include an album, “We have plans to record a full fledge album and then hit the international market with it.”

Organized by 3rd Rock Entertainment, the Ready Mad Live Music Concert is being held at the Tulip Star, Juhu starting at 6pm on June 2nd! You can get your passes for the event from your nearest Provogue and Planet M! See you there!

To hold you over until you can hear them live be sure and check out one of Trip Recipes songs titled Towards the End, which was written by Rudraksh (Drummer) at

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