Is Mahek Chahal Salman’s favourite newcomer?

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Born in the Punjab, but raised in Norway, “Back home, we speak Norwegian, I think in Norwegian, I studied in a Norwegian-medium school,” the sultry Mahek Chahal now appears to be spending most of her time in close proximity to Salman Khan. She will soon be seen in Wanted: Dead or Alive with Salman, the soon-to-be-married Ayesha Takia, and Vinod Khanna — and she’ll be up with Salman again in his brother’s Main aur Mrs Khanna. Her item number with Salman in Wanted is said to be something very special indeed.

However, when asked if there’s anything brewing between her and Salman, she reverts to the good friends defence and adds, “He’s helped so many newcomers in the industry. It’s just because I am a girl that I am being targetted. His genuine help is being deliberately viewed in a negative manner. And if I really was his latest ‘object of affection’, I’d have got the lead roles in the films I’m doing with him, right?” she asks reasonably.

She also feels that showering praise on Salman for all her recent success demeans all the effort she’s had to put in herself. “I’ve worked on my acting, dancing, Hindi and my body, and it’s unfair that all the credit for my getting film offers is going to Salman! What about all the hard work that I’ve put in all these years?” she says.

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