“I’ve loved my character”- Bipasha Basu

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Next Friday, Ranbir Kapoor along with Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu will dance into theaters in the romantic comedy Bachna Ae Hasseno. The film follows Ranbir’s love life from his teens until his 30’s and Bipasha’s character is one of those loves. Bips recently talked to Devansh Patel about BAH and her characters Radhika, here are some highlight from that interview.

From the moment she heard the narration of the script she knew that out of the four women characters she wanted to play Radhika, “Well, I guess the right casting is very important in any film and when I heard the narration of this film, I just knew that Radhika is the part that I want to do and that is what they called me for. So it was like bang on! I couldn’t argue much over it because I fitted the casting and at the same time it was a challenge to play the role. When you see the film, you’ll come to know that there is something endearing about Radhika. I’ve loved my character.” Along with Bipasha Minissha and Deepika the fourth lady was to be played by Katrina Kaif. However because the length of the film was getting very long they decided to cut Kat’s scenes.

Revealing more about her character Bipasha said, “Radhika is a girl who is a dancer by profession. She is a dancer in Shiamak Davar’s troupe. She aspires to be an actress. So she is today’s modern and an independent girl, has a clean heart and believes in romance and being in love. She falls in love with Raj. The film is actually a journey of all these four characters how they grow to be what because of love.”

Bipasha is a big fan of the music for the film and thinks each song is special, “ Right now ‘Lucky Boy’ is the favourite song of lot of boys. I like the title track of ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’. I do like ‘Ahista Ahista’ a lot because it’s got a new flavor of romance. ‘Khuda Jaane’ is a typical romantic ballet. I like all the songs. Even ‘Small Town Girl’ is different as it has bhangra beats and a situational song and Jogi Mahi, which is very traditional. So it’s a mix bag. Look, I covered the entire album!”

Much has been made of the four-year age difference between Bips and her co-star Ranbir. But she says that on the set it was not an issue at all. “No, not really because we are similar minded people and at the end of the day you’re an actor. You’ve come to do your job and you do it. It really helps on the contrary because when you have some kind of an equation with your co-star and you’re on great talking terms and a friend, then the chemistry is better as it shows on screen, rather than working with a person you don’t get along with. Age has nothing to do with it.”

Coming up for the actress are a couple of films that are on the opposite side of the breezy romance fence. “I have Pankh coming up which is considered to be a little off the commercial track and I have another Bengali film that I’ve done which is definitely considered to be parallel cinema. So I have a mixed bag. I keep on doing things that I like and it doesn’t specifically have to be in one direction. I like to keep a balance between commercial and realistic films and that’s the way I like it. I don’t want to be a crusader of realistic films neither do I want to be this doll in commercial films. I’d like a mix of both.”

Any films with boyfriend John you may ask, “We will see if something interests us. We working together is never a plan you know. We really don’t plan it. Our way of thinking is very different and our choice of cinema is different. So if we really agree on one thing we will do it but I think the best thing to do is to work less together (laughs). I believe in that.”

Getting back to BAH, Bips of course recommends that everyone go see the film saying, “I do wish that Bachna Ae Haseeno is widely watched because it is actually a very nice and an easy film to watch. It’s a kind of film where we talk about and celebrate love, which is an emotion that everyone can easily identify with, and especially today’s youth will be easily able to identify with because it could be their story too. There are other USP’s to the film too. The music is great; there are good looking people, great styling, excellent locations, and above all a fantastic story, which I think is a winner at the end of the day. It’s a story that you follow.”

Adding, “I think Bachna Ae Haseeno should be seen by any person who celebrates love, who thinks that love is important, who wants to fall in love and who is in love.”

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