Jab We Met

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After his debut with Socha Na Tha, director Imtiaz Ali is back with another flick, this time starring the gossip-generating duo: Shahid and Kareena. In their previous films, namely, 36 China Town, Chup Chup Ke, and Fida, the music has been quite noteworthy, so expectations are already flying high. With well-known and much-loved Pritam at the helm for the music, they are raised even more. The lyrics can be attributed to Irshad Kamil.

To start with, Aao Milo Chale, begins on a mellow note. Slightly old-fashioned, it nonetheless manages to weave together Shaan’s melodious voice with traditional background vocals. Although not a song that will stick in your head for even a minute after it’s over, it is worth a listen or two, especially to create a peaceful setting.

Ustad Rashid Khan steers the next track, titled Aaoge Jab Tum. If the previous track was traditional, then this can be nothing short of classical-based. However, it is rather pleasant to listen to, with the refined flute and violin embellishing the lyric-less parts. The language, as in the wording, of the lyrics suits the mood of the song well. Ustad Rashid Khan must be applauded more finishing this song with so much dignity. Despite the fact that this song will not gain mass appeal, it is not a loss.

Mauja Hi Mauja is the kind of track where right from the start you know it’s a hit. ‘Bhangra’ beats, catchy to the core, with lyrics matching the mood and tempo make you want to get up and start dancing right then and there. The ‘dhol’ is a prominent fixture throughout the song and adds just the right element of a Punjabi feel. Labh Jajua croons the original version of this track, but it also has a remix with Mika at the mike, which is just as, if not more, promising. Like the title implies, this song delivers nothing but Mauja! (Mazza!)

Nagada Nagada follows on the same fast-paced vein as Mauja Hi Mauja. Barely a few seconds into the song, Sonu Nigam’s adored voice starts the song off on a high note. The happy, free-spirited feel is maintained through the song. There are some annoying and rather unwanted elements (the girls chanting, weird exclamations from the background singers, too much emphasis on the snake-charming-like music). On the whole though, don’t write it off completely before listening to it.

The mood immediately switched back with the first few notes of Tum Se Hi, sung by Mohit Chouhan. Melodious notes from the flute are slightly reminiscent of the title song from Kal Ho Na Ho in this song. However, it has nothing on that fabulous song. With a few original aspects and suiting (although unoriginal) lyrics, Chouhan’s song may be quite appealing to some and on the whole, is melodious and lacks major fluency disruptions. Do listen to it at least once, especially if you prefer softer, emotionally-based music.

And we’re back to our foot-tapping pieces! Likable from the start, Yeh Ishq Hai, finally brings a female voice onto the scene. No points for guessing who it is — the current nightingale of the movie industry, Shreya Ghoshal. Once again, the lyrics don’t strike any impact, but they suit the beat of the music and will stick since they’re quite simple rhymes. The grand-hit ‘Mahiya’ of Pritam’s, from the movie Awarapan, is the song one is reminded of in this song. Breaks in music have been used to add emphasis, showing off the professionalism of the musician. Antara Mitra sings the remix version of this song, and lately remix version of songs have been improving and this is no exception. Some will prefer the original, others the remix. There is no doubt, however, that this is one of the best tracks in this album and should be added to your newest playlist!

Surprisingly, the instrumentals which people usually tend to skip over creates a strong impact. The ‘theme music’, following in the veins of Tum Se Hi, with the now-trademarked flute flowing through it, is actually really well-rendered. In the entire album, this is the track that reflects Pritam’s versatility and skill. Merging grand orchestration seamlessly with oriental themes and a skillfully-rendered percussion section, one would really have to trouble themselves to find fault in this piece. The tempo builds into a faux climax and comes down astonishingly, but not choppily, fast. A brief chorus at the end finishes off the extremely well-done piece. Even if you’re not a fan of instrumental music, sit down and listen to this piece once just to prove to yourself what music is!

Initially, the music from this movie fails to impress. Towards the end of the album, with the last two tracks in particular, Jab We Met redeems itself. No man is infallible, and Pritam did fumble with a couple of the songs. However, the producers need not worry for the album definitely has enough to catchy tunes to use in promotions. The songs may not excite you for the movie, but they at least a couple of them will stay with you. So go, listen, and enjoy!

Our Rating

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