Jacqueline in, Chitrangada out of Krissh 2

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Looks like Rakesh Roshan’s casting woes continue. After Katrina’s no to the role of a mutant in Krrish 2, Chitrangada Singh had finally been confirmed for the same. Now, according to latest reports, Singh has made an exit from the project to be replaced by Murder 2 girl Jacqueline Fernandes.

Chitrangada cites the age old ‘date problem’ behind her withdrawal from the movie, “I can only say there were date issues…I tried to sort it out. Couldn’t manage.” Sources however hint at issues other than the date clash. While some say that when she saw the final script, her role was drastically reduced almost to the point of being a cameo which made her unhappy and hence she left. Other reports state that there were some scenes in the screenplay-apparently there were some nude scenes- which caused her discomfort particularly those which portray the mutant’s transformation. “Initially Chitrangada was most excited about the mutant’s role. She had begun to read up as much as possible on the subject and had even begun physical preparation. The clothes, makeup, body language and speech quality were all discussed. Chitrangada had even begun to train in martial arts and had taken off to the US to try accelerated free-fall skydiving. Though the mutant’s role is stupendous it does require the actress to get down to an elemental level of self-revelation. That’s where the problem came in,” said the source.

Rakesh however sticks to the date reason. “Actually I was to start the film in October and had taken the dates accordingly. But now I’ve shifted the film to December. Chitrangada tried her best to give us dates in December-January. But I think she has some family commitments. So she couldn’t accommodate us. I had to opt for another actor,” he said. Though he said that he was still looking for an actor to accommodate his dates, sources reveal that Jacqueline has been signed in after a 3 hour script reading. That’s not all; in order to accommodate the dates for Krrish 2, Ms. Fernandes decided to opt out of Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2.

Along with Hrithik – of course- Krrish 2 also stars Priyanka Chopra, who will be playing her role from the prequel, and Vivek Oberoi in a negative role.

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