Jai Ho wins Top Choreography Award for Longinus!

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You have seen his work in hundreds of videos, films and most recently in ‘Paapu Can’t Dance’ from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and the celebration song ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire. Longinus Fernades is undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s best choreographers and now he has been honored internationally! On June 1st in New York City, Longinus was awarded the highly coveted Fred Astaire Award for Best Film Choreographer for his fantastic choreography in Slumdog Millionaire. Longinus had very stiff competition in the category going up against Anthony Van Laast – Mamma Mia, Aakomon “AJ” Jones – Center Stage Turn It Up, Tracy Phillips – Make It Happen, Patrick De Bana and Pedro Gomes – Fados, Todd Underwood- Were the World Mine and Kenny Ortega – High School Musical 3.

In an interview with Bollyspice.com Longinus told us of his win and said, “When I got the nomination, my agent in America, Aris told me that I think you have a very slim and bleak chances because you are up against films like High School Musical 3, Mamma Mia and Center Stage 2. I said, ‘It is not a problem. I am happy I am placed amongst the best. So it is an honour within itself. I am the only foreigner amongst all the Hollywood choreographers! So even if I am right up there I am sure I will be mentioned about!’ And when I won and when he called me the next day he said, ‘I have something small to give you, which is very big and meaningful’. I said, ‘What is that?’ He said, ‘That is your award! You Won It!’ I was really proud at that moment.” Aris went from Atlanta to New York to accept the award on Longinus’s behalf.

We here at BollySpice say congratulations to Longinus on the well-deserved honor!! We will have even more with the fantastic choreographer in a full-length interview, which will be on BollySpice.com very soon! Be sure and come back to hear what he has to say, it is a great read!

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