Jay Sean Wins Best Male at the UK Asian Music Awards!

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The UK Asian Music Awards took place yesterday night in Wembley Arena, London and the prestigious awards ceremony saw Jay Sean win the award for the Best Male.

Jay Sean unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the awards ceremony last night but the singer did make a short visit to London, a few weeks ago, were he was awarded British Artist of the Decade in an intimate Q&A that was hosted by the BBC Asian Networks Tommy Sandhu.

In the Q&A Jay Sean sat down for a chat with Tommy Sandhu were he talked about working in the music industry, his family (who were sat in the audience) the Asian Music Awards, as well as answering questions from the media.

Talking about his family Jay Sean was full of love for them pointing out that being an international star “is lovely but it can all go tomorrow” but his family will always be there.

The singer went onto tell the audience how his family have always been supportive of his music career saying his dad told him, “there are two decisions in life you need to make yourself; your life long partner and your career because you are going to live with them forever.” He added, “I am living my dream thanks to their support.”

Jay Sean showed that even though he has reached international status in the music industry, performing alongside the likes of Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj, he would never forget his roots but at the same time he doesn’t need to have heavy Indian influence in his music anymore.

“I don’t put Indian stuff in my music anymore because I felt it doesn’t need to be that in your face let it be subtle, let it be a movement without having to scream and shout about it. Every time I achieve something great I know that I am doing, hopefully, my people proud. That’s why I keep going, that’s why I know I need to get to that next level because if I am not going to do it, someone else is, and I want to be that person that can do that.”

The international music artist remained humble when asked why he stood out and broke the international market.

“I do not know, but I am very grateful that I was given that opportunity and I took it. There are a lot of people who, I think, are given opportunities and might waste that. I have a very strong drive for success, for greatness. I don’t understand why anyone would settle for mediocrity?”

Talking about his upcoming visit to Australia Jay Sean said, “I am performing on X factor in Australia. I am doing a tour there, 6 shows in Australia. I actually wrote a song, not for myself but for a group out there, called Justice Crew and that song went number one in Australia, so I am going to probably get with them, it’s going to be good.”

Jay Sean not only sings his own music but also writes for international artists, that include the likes of JLS, and has started to branch out into new ventures saying, “I am actually branching out. I have my own production company. I have signed some songwriters, artists that I am developing.”

He also shared that he is looking to get into acting and has already started auditioning for parts. Talking about roles that would appeal to him Jay Sean said, “I would like to do a drama. I would love to do a comedy, I think I am genuinely an idiot by nature and that for me would be a fun way of releasing some of that. I don’t know, fingers crossed.”

Jay Sean ended the intimate Q&A by answering a few questions from the audience, which saw him reveal that he is in the process of writing an autobiography, which should be out next year.

Photo Credit – Nina Patel

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