Jaya Bachchan Gets Feisty

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She may be the submissive wife, mother and daughter on screen since the days of Bawarachi but in real life Jaya Bachchan is anything but that. She has control on her family and career while still keeping her morals and beliefs in place and here’s why.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Jaya gave a very aggravated answer to question about the Shah Rukh and Salman fight controversy where supposedly less than nice references were made about her daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai. She said that if it had taken place at her house, King Khan would definitely have been the recipient of a well-deserved slap just like she would have given her own son. She’s yet to confront him but says that when she does she’ll make her self very clear.

This interviewer must have been having a lucky day as Jaya-ji continued to give smart and argumentative answers to some of the biggest controversies in her lifetime. First the Rekha/Amitabh link up, which she says was definitely a rumour or else they wouldn’t be together today. She also gives her advice on how to keep men loyal by leaving them alone.

When she commented on Ash coming from a family of good traditions and values that she has too enriched in her family the interviewer was quick to jump in with this perhaps being the reason for Karishma and Abhi breakup. She gives an absolutely politically correct answer that the Kapoors are great friends from olden days and thus one must not always blame the family.

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen. She may be polite and gentle in person but never mistake her for submissive or overpowered. This woman of principle has her grip tight on what she wants and will not be compromising any time soon!

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