Jaya Prada has signed a film with K.C. Bokadia

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Trying to recreate the history, beautiful actress & MP Jaya Prada has signed a film with K.C. Bokadia. Earlier too, the actress and producer/director have given many hit films together. Jaya Prada has worked with the director KC Bokadia for hit films like Aaj Ka Arjun with Amitabh Bachchan, Main Tera Dushman and Insaf Kaun Karega with Jackie Shroff; Kundan, Ganga Tere Desh Mein, Zulm-O-Sitam and Maidane Jung with Dharmendra and Tyaagi with Rajnikant.

Once again, they have joined hands to create the old magic of cinema. In the forthcoming film, Jaya Prada is playing the central character. It showcases the journey of a woman from her youth to old age. Comments Jaya Prada, who is currently busy with canvassing for elections, “We have a very comfortable and successful work relation. Together, we have given really good films, that were a hit on box office. To top it, the role he offered me is excellent and made for me. It’s giving me a graph where I can really flaunt my artistic ability to the ‘T’. This film will show me from a young woman to moving into her mature age, naturally I can really play with the character. I am lucky to have received such an offer, naturally I accepted it immediately.”

She addas about this film, ““I took this offer for many reasons. First of all the character I am playing is of a very strong woman. She stands on her convictions, has a very strong personality and fights for what is right. The story is cantered around my character, and it is after a long gap that I have received offer for such a character. After along time got to do such a film. Then I and Bokadia ji have done many successful films together. He is a very good director. Our films have been always good and successful. He has made his own identity as a director of good films. I am sure it will be a meaningful cinema.”

Ask her why she is not seen so often on screen, she replies, ““Why I was not so often seen on screen? Because of my involvement in politics. Then the offer coming my way were not really worth taking the trouble for. Bokadia Ji’s film is tailor made role for me. I did not want to do a film just to be seen. Dashavataar with Kamal Hassan is out. Then I have been doing more of regional films. My Bengali film with Budhadeb Dasgupta is ready, which is in Bengali and Hindi both. Then The Desire- Journey of a Woman of Sharad Hedge is getting ready. In this film I play Shilpa Shetty’s mother. So if I get good roles and stories, I will definitely take on the offer.”

Besides Kamal Hassan’s Dashavataar, Jaya Prada is also doing a very important role in Sharad Hegde’s film Desire with Shilpa Shetty. In the film, she plays an Odissi dancer whose daughter Shilpa Shetty also turns out to be a world class dancer.

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