Junior B’s new admirer

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Just when you thought Aby baby’s list of admirers couldn’t get any longer, a new bird has flocked to his list. Gul Panag, after her sexy makeover for her latest flick Hello, has admitted to having a crush on Abhishek Bachchan. In her opinion he is the ideal guy. “Most would opt for Hrithik” she revealed but if she wanted to take someone more “interesting” home to mama Panag, she would opt for the Drona star.

Previously, Panag was known for dating Sikander Kher who happens to be Bachchan Junior’s best bud. They starred in the debacle Summer 2007 and then called it quits. With her recent change of heart directed towards Junior B, one can’t help but wonder if this is a tactic to reconnect with Kher. Anyhow, we know Ash will be keeping a keen eye on hubby dearest and watching Panag from afar!

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