Kahaani’s story is far from complete

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Director Sujoy Ghosh announced the sequel of Kahaani in the film itself, but it seems that the pressure that Kahaani created with its success is causing him to take a lot of time to write the script of the sequel. Sujoy has been working on the script for a year and it is still being worked upon.

This January, Sujoy put himself in the same Kolkata lodge of Kahaani to work on the script of the sequel. Initial reports stated that the director had completed the script before he came to Mumbai for the array of award functions, but he denied it. “My script is not complete. I cannot talk about the sequel until I finish writing it,” he said.

Sujoy met a lot of friends in Kolkata and they confirmed about the pressure he is in for writing the sequel. They said that he locked himself up in the guesthouse just to be able to write his script and even met some journalists regarding the film. “Before returning to Mumbai for the awards, he told me how much pressure he is in with regards to the original. He is still not sure of the script and said that he will not announce the part two unless his script is completely in place,” added the friend.

But the director is not the first one to take time like this to write a sequel; in fact Karan Johar took three years to get the script of Dostana 2 ready. He announced it in 2009. He wanted to ensure that the script justifies the success of Dostana and also as the star cast in the film is big.

Sujoy had announced that the characters of the first part including Vidya Balan’s character would not change in the sequel. We are all waiting for Kahaani 2, Sujoy!

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