Kangana Ranaut Pulling Her Hair Out

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Kangana Ranaut’s first Kollywood movie, Dhaam Dhoom has been such a big hit that she is already being offered lucrative roles in a string of other upcoming productions. Amongst these is a one crore offer for a movie described by an insider thus: “A prominent Tamil production house has approached Kangana with the highest ever price offered to her in her career in the film industry.” However, there is a catch — “Their only condition is that she should feature in this action thriller in a bald state for a few scenes.” Kangana is still considering the role because she’s not sure she can make the dates work.

Kangana has been building her career carefully and successfully over the last two years with recognised performances in Gangster, for which she won a Superstar of Tomorrow Award, Woh Lamhe, Life…In A Metro, which came with a Breakthrough Performance Award and Shakalaka Boom Boom. She will be imminently seen in the much-anticipated Fashion, where she plays a role based on infamous model Geetanjali and will be seen in one harrowing scene addicted to drugs and begging in the street.

Kangana is currently dating actor Adhyayan Suman, who says it’s untrue that his parents don’t approve of her. “All I can say, “ he says, “Is that I am committed to Kangana. We are together and still getting to know each other. My parents have nothing against her. They are pretty cool about our relationship and their only concern is that I should take my career very seriously.” Kangana confirms the relationship is strong. “He is the perfect man for me. He understands me very well. And I am going to miss him a lot since I am off to the US for a month.”

Kangana will be working in the US on the movie Kites with Hrithik Roshan. Is she excited by this? “I have never been so excited in my life,” she exclaims. “It was an irresistible offer. I think it was Hrithik who recommended me to his dad (Rakesh) to cast me in Kites. Rakeshji is also fond of me.”

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